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01. about

Brookstone Design Group's focus is to provide clients with one-of-a-kind interior design results by connecting them with our network of independent designers. Through our technology and resources, we provide turn-key services for a seamless experience. There's no project too big or small that our design team and experts can't handle. 

We work in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area. To see where we work, click here.


02. our 360 design process


You'll have the opportunity to meet with one or more of our expert design staff to discuss your renovation plans. We will then put together a list of professionals, a list of items, and the estimated timeline for your project.

Step 1 - Consultation
Step 1 - Consultation

Balancing your renovation goals with the budget you’re comfortable with requires deep knowledge and experience that our estimators bring to the table. We will help you fill in the blanks so that we can determine what can be done and for how much.

Step 2 - Budgeting
Step 2 - Budgeting

You can choose to work with any of our available designers, based on your style and taste. Depending on the scope of work, we will create some preliminary mood boards to help direct the further development of the designs. We will then begin with material and finish selections, which are presented to you for approval.

Step 3 - Design
Step 3 - Design

Once the entire project is developed, our staff works on executing it. We oversee the many details that need to be properly administered in order to complete the job. We will purchase, deliver and install all materials and arrange and oversee all other labor necessary for the entire project.


Each one of our jobs is assigned to a site manager who is tasked with planning and coordinating all of the purchases, deliveries, and installations required to complete your project. The manager's goal is to have everything run as smooth as possible and provide our clients with one central person that can provide assistance and answer all their questions. 

Step 4 - Logistics
Step 5 - Management

03. our design associates

We work with a variety of designers that all have different styles and different experiences that set them apart from the rest. Check them out here.

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04. our vendors

We work with all of the top brands in the business. Whatever your style requires, we can provide top quality items to match your budget. 


05. contact

Tel: 201-552-2951

333 Meadowlands Parkway, Suite 003 

Secaucus, NJ 07094